Cinemehta Production is a company established by Indian Producer-Director Chandan Mehta, which was established in year 2015. In the initial period, Cinemehta was operated singly, but the production needed to work properly, so a good and creative team expanding the company in 2018, as the legal adviser to the company, Ajay Garg was included. Running smoothly with Chandan Mehta, Kavita Vakchi, Dinesh Sehgal, Rekha Devi, Prabha Sehgal.
The main purpose of the company is to discover new talent from society and reach their talents. Short film, documentary, cinematic wedding, commercial ad has been created so far under the Cinemahta Banner. The Cinemehta team has a skilled and efficient team that is working actively in designing and delivering the production in every way.
Managing Director of Cinemehta Production Chandan Mehta shares his 25-year experience with the team in a wonderful way and with every shoulder, he performs every task.
CEO of Cinemehta Production Kavita Vakchi, continuously working for Production House, also she is Creative Director of Cinemehta Production, Pursuing P.HD in English Literature.