Pre-wedding Films A Must Have

Guys this ones not to be missed its grand compilation of my Pre-wedding work we are blessed with beautiful couples as our clients , their love has lighten up my story telling , this video is dedicated to all the people who star in it and to all the people who made us what we are, its all because of you….

Pics of Wedding

Links Of Wedding Videos

A Cinematic Wedding Video

A mix of color and black-and-white footage adds glamour to this timeless film style. Formal without feeling stuffy, a cinematic style wedding video captures every detail from virtually every angle.

A Movie-Inspired Save-the-Date Video

Base your save-the-date video off of your favorite movie style (in this case, Wes Anderson) for a totally personalized look. With a video camera and a little bit of editing know-how, you (or even better, your videographer) can create a short video to send to family and friends or to post on your wedding website.

A Proposal Video

Face it: You’re not going to remember what either of you said when he proposed. That’s why some couples hire a professional to capture the proposal on video. We love the way this video captured the couple’s emotions without seeming too intrusive.

A Wedding Music Video

You have to be brave to request this type of video. But you also have to admit that it doesn’t get any more individual than this! Plus, it’s a great way to make sure all your guests get some camera time on your wedding video.

A Love Story Interview Wedding Video

Finally, a way to preserve your love story — in your own words. Share how you met, how he proposed, or simply the excitement you feel as your wedding day draws closer — all on camera for your videographer to compile into a unique keepsake.

A Wedding Video Trailer

Ask your videographer about creating a shorter version of your wedding video (two to three minutes) to show friends and family and share on your wedding web page. (You can save the full-length movie for your anniversary.)

A Documentary-Style Wedding Video

This mix of sweeping artistic angles and sound bites from your wedding day (your bridesmaids laughing while you’re getting ready, his dad’s toast) is one of the best ways to convey what it was like to actually be at your wedding.


We are providing all types of Wedding Videography  services…your most welcome.